Such fun! Several of my students take yoga lessons from Miss Shannon! They absolutely love her and respect her, and she does the same as well! My dancers have improved greatly with the use of her program! Their flexibility is becoming greater and they are stronger each and everyday! If you enjoy yoga and have a little one, I recommend putting them in this program! It's great exercise and teaches kids all about their ever changing bodies in an age appropriate way!

- Jessica Schubert, JP Gallery of Performing Arts

Yoga Monsters offers an alternative to traditional after school activities. It teaches kids the benefits of taking care of themselves from an early age, while also providing a place for them to interact with their peers. It has greatly helped my son as he continues to develop his socialization skills. Shannon is an excellent teacher and her spirit and personality are perfectly suited to working with children.

-Sean, parent

Such a wonderful way to move, breathe, and laugh. My kids look forward to what Shannon has in store for them each week & have even started to practice yoga at home!

-Jennifer, parent

I like the quiet part at the end the best when I get to rest my sillies.

-Gabriel, age 5

Miss Shannon lets us go to mouse-world, robot-world, and haunted house world on halloween. I LOVE to play freeze yoga!

-Eamonn, age 7