Yoga Monsters

Established 2013

Designed with children in mind, Yoga Monsters incorporates yoga poses to improve coordination, strength, flexibility, and focus. Children are encouraged to use their imagination and knowledge of the natural world to play yoga, building their self-confidence & self-expression. Beginning yoga at a young age improves posture, endurance, strength, and flexibility. Calming breathwork in yoga also aids in the reduction of anxiety and stress. Overall, yoga for children builds physical and mental self-awareness as well as awareness of others!

Shannon Carnemolla

Director/Founder Yoga MonstersM.S.Ed., Special Education, Severe DisabilitiesBikram Yoga Certified Yoga Instructor, 2003-PresentKarma Kids Yoga, Children's Yoga Certification, 2012-Present

Shannon began yoga in 2003 and within a year of her first class became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor.

While practicing & teaching yoga she was introduced to special needs students & soon after returned to school to obtain her Masters in Special Education, focusing on severe disabilities. As a special education teacher, Shannon utilized yoga in her curriculum as a way for her students to interact with each other in social situations, boost their attention span and calm their nervous systems. She noted significant improvements in her students motor skills and confidence as well as a reduction of pain, anxiety, and in some cases, self-stimulatory and obsessive behaviors. Over time, these students even started making up their own yoga postures & teaching them to their peers!

In 2012 Shannon realized that she wanted to formally combine her love of yoga and children and traveled to New York City to study with Shari Vilchez-Blatt of Karma Kids Yoga. It was then that Yoga Monsters was born!

There are endless benefits when practicing yoga. Regardless of your children’s age, activity level or needs, yoga will enrich their life and talents.

Now let’s play yoga!